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Some News + A very special project…


I have some very exciting news to share with you today. My husband and I are having our first baby–due in January!  We are really looking forward to growing our family and meeting this little man in a few short months.   Yes — it is a boy!  I hope that explains the lack of blog posts over the last few weeks.  I apologize for the absence,  I have had every pregnancy symptom in the book and have been beyond busy with running the line + my design projects.   It has been quite the Summer!  Now that I am feeling like myself again, I hope to get things back to normal around here.  Above is a little sneak peek at what I am thinking about for the nursery (Obviously black + white are involved)  Stay tuned for more nursery details here and on Instagram…



Color Block Benches / Before + After

photo 1-2

A few weeks ago I came across a pair of benches with great design lines—they needed some work!  I have been looking for a bench situation for the end of our bed for a while and I knew these would be perfect.  Even better?  The pair was $30!    After a trip to the upholsterer and some new black paint our color block benches are finished.  Before:

photo 1-4

After:  I chose a creamy gray velvet and a black velvet to use for upholstery.

photo 3

The line details on the legs won me over, very Art Deco.

photo 2


My Place: Kitchen Cabinets / Before + After


A few weeks ago I mentioned that it was time to give our kitchen a little makeover.  Read about it here.  After hours and hours of work (this was NOT an easy project) we have finally finished painting the cabinets white.  Sand, Degloss, Prime, Paint repeat….that was pretty much how our weekend went.  We followed a few youtube videos and DIY blogs (thank you Young House Love couple) and bought out Home Depot.  I am really proud of what we accomplished and I am happy to share the reveal during “Love Your Home” / Valentine’s Day week.  Every time I walk into my house and look at the kitchen I will remember the weekend that we spent working on our home together.  It is a special feeling that has helped me love my home even more.  And now the more exciting part….Pictures!  Below is a before image:


Kitchen After:



We changed the pulls from chrome to brass since I love brass anything.





My Place / Modern Garden Inspiration

Garden 2

If you have not been following along on instagram we recently purchased a new house in Austin and I have been referring to it as the #modernbungalow.  Lately we have been thinking more and more about the outdoor living space/garden design.   The goal is to create a clean + modern look that reflects the design aspects of the home’s unique exterior.  Here are a few inspiration photos I love…

(Image above) Using different sized concrete squares can be a cool feature for the yard.


Garden 3


Prettiest wall plants I have seen…

Garden 4

Love the look of these–punk rock plants.

Garden 1

Plant stands by Ferm Living.

Modern Bungalow_Outside

So this is what we are working with…Top left:  a special hole situation that our dog decided to gift us with, naked grass in need of some gardening and some new grass, I would like to replace these rocks with black stones, Toby the dog showing us that a few cool plants can fill up this spot on the deck, new planters we purchased from the Nate Berkus for Target collection.

Stone Textile_Outdoor dining

It’s all not so bad….here is a view from our out door dining space…

Stay tuned for what we find and follow more of our house progress using #modernbungalow

Have a great weekend! xx Elizabeth


My Place / Projects over the holidays

EM_Austin Kitchen

Things have been pretty non stop around here over the past few months and with holiday season coming to a close I will finally have some time to focus on a few projects around our own house.  This image above is a photo of our kitchen…I will finalize paint and hardware for the cabinets very soon (I am thinking white with gold or black hardware but change by mind daily).  I love the mix of metals in the image below.


I also have a bunch of artwork that I need framed and hung.  I love the look of this gallery wall….

Gallery Wall

Our builtin bookshelves in the living room will be installed in a few weeks and I cannot wait….I wanted something asymmetrical yet functional.  How cool is the one below?

Cool Bookshelf

I love how Catherine Kwong organizes her design projects.  2014 is going to be a busy year so something like this will help me stay organized.

Office Organization

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


My Place: Modern Bungalow / The Stair Project

If you follow Stone Textile on Instagram you will know that we recently bought our first home in Austin (follow along using #modernbungalow).  It was built in 2010 but, there are still a few upgrades + design projects that we need to accomplish.  One major one was a carpet-on-wall situation.   Yes, we bought a house with ugly gray carpet on the staircase walls.  This week we had it removed and I could not be happier.  Here are some before + after photos…


Before:  Gray carpet, dark brown railing, aluminum stair edging.
stairs_before 1


Progress:  Carpet is off!  Drywall needs to go up to create a smooth surface for paint.Stairs_After 1

After:  Dark walls painted using Benjamin Moore “Ebony King”, railing painted with Metallic Masters / Smoke Gray, since I love brass anything we switched out the stair edging.  I always think the  little things that really give character to a space..even if it is just a staircase!stairs_after 2

I found this vintage piece at the Austin Antique Mall a few months ago…love how it looks in this little nook.  There are three sconces that will go in the staircase and I cannot decide what to purchase.  Will share my options next week!  Have a great weekend….xx Elizabeth