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Post 3 - ORC Wallpaper

Here at Stone Textile, we are often smitten with statement-making wallpaper, and these days it seems like everyone else is too! With so many gorgeous (and often removable) options available, even renters can jump on the recently-revived wallpaper bandwagon. Lately I’ve been spotting products that remind me of the amazing accent wall from the One Room Challenge, covered with a black and gray abstract pattern from Lindsay Cowles. The wall’s print is a little hard to describe – is it tie-dyed? Marbleized? Geometric? It’s a beautiful Rorschach Test for sure! If you’re into it as much as we are, check out these great finds that share the same abstract, painterly look.


Our One Room Challenge Room (see more here)

*Blog post by Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile

The Goods:

Pants, Sofa, Pillow, PoufBook, Print, Clutch, Shams, Tote, Game, Notebook


Fashion For The Home

AP 1

Blogger extraordinaire Blair Eadie is known for her incredible fashion sense and her enviable ability to mix and match. Her look is a blend of classic and statement pieces, and we couldn’t help but notice that many of her ensembles perfectly coordinate with Stone Textile pillows. Great minds! Because of Elizabeth’s background in fashion, it’s no wonder that the fabrics and draping of her pillows are right in line with Blair’s fabulous wardrobe.

*Guest Post by Audrey Dyer

Outfits: 1, 2, 3  Stone Textile Pillows: Leather Stud, B+W Arrow, Bow Pillow

AP 2

Outfits: 1, 2, 3  Stone Textile Pillows:  The Three Part, Leather Criss Cross, Scale Print

AP 3

Outfits: 1, 2, 3, Stone Textile Pillows: The Color Block, Woven V, Square Layers


Keeping It Local / Maggie Louise Confections

Candy 8

I came across Maggie Louise Confections a few months ago and I knew I had to work with them in some way.  They take the basic box of chocolate to the next level–chocolate couture.  We recently worked together to create a box as a thank you  for the Tribeza office and I was so pleased with how it turned out (see below).  More eye candy  (literally) below…

Candy 4

Candy 3

Candy 6

Candy 5

Candy 1

This is the box we had made.  B+W Splatter Painted Geodes, Color Block Squares, Metallic Gold Letters, + Spheres.  So impressed with what they created!

This is the box we


Product Love / Candamill Bags


Who doesn’t  love  a nice leather structured bag?    I recently came across the Candamill collection and became an instant fan of the line.  I appreciate how the brother + sister design duo mix materials.  The bag below is made from leather and is surrounded by a bronze frame.  It is like a piece of furniture!  Here are a few favorites from the collection…







Product to room:  If we designed a room inspired by these bags it would look something like this (Image via Nate Berkus

All Images / Candamill


Throwing it back: Design Details / Then + Now

2 Lucite tables

I have a really special post for you today.  This weekend I made a last minute trip to Chicago to visit with family.  When I walked into my grandparent’s apartment, which was professionally decorated in 1978, I was surprised to see so many similarities to my own decorating style.  Their home is filled to the brim with lucite, brass, wallpaper, and geometric details.  Sound familiar?  No wonder why my husband always says that our dining room remind’s him of his grandparent’s old home.  I already instagramed the side by side image above.  On the left is our lucite dining table base and on the right is my grandparents’ (it has been confirmed that she did not purchase it on Ebay by the way) There were so many more similarities that I had to share…all of the “THEN” images are from my grandparents’ apartment and all of the “NOW” images are design details that are still trending today.  A true throwback on this Thursday…

THEN: Lucite Dining Table

NOW: Lucite Dining Table (image 1, image 2)



THEN: Floral Wallpaper


NOW: Floral Wallpaper / image 1, image 2


floral walls 2

THEN:  Brass detailed coffee table

Brass Table 3

NOW: Brass detailed coffee table (image 1, image 2)

Brass table 2

Brass Coffee Table

THEN:  Metallic Wallpaper

metallic walls 1

NOW: Metallic Wallpaper (used in my powder room)

Metallic walls 2

THEN: Geometric Bedding (original YSL pillow cases shown!)


NOW: Geometric Bedding (image)




Adventures In Marfa / Photo Journal + Guide


This week the Texas based shelter magazine, Bungalow, shared some images from our trip to Marfa.  I wanted to share a few more today.  It was such an amazing trip—highly recommended!

Adventures in Marfa:

As a designer, travel always inspires me. Since we live in such a large state, weekend road trips are now second nature. Last month, we drove out west to the small artist town of Marfa, TX. The drive was relatively easy and at times we felt like we were the only people on the road. If we compare west Texas to the classic color-wheel, it would fall in the orange/yellow/brown arena. Slightly dull and monochromatic. When we arrived in Marfa, it seemed as if the color wheel exploded. The dusty hues were quickly replaced by vibrant ones and the inspiration came flying at me. Below are a few of my favorite images from our adventures in Marfa.

Stone Textile_Marfa Tent

Stone Textile_Marfa_TP
El Cosmico was probably the most interesting places I have ever stayed. Each tent, air stream trailer, and teepee were decorated with different geometric textiles and colorful blankets — my kind of camping!

Stone Textile_Garza_3

Stone Textile_Marfa_Garza 2

Stone Textile_Marfa_Garza Chair

Garza Marfa is a husband and wife run furniture and accessory company. They source vintage textiles from near and far to create bold one of a kind pieces. This bed full of colorful pillows and blankets made me rethink my all white bedding.


Stone Textile_Marfa_Chairs

Neon powder coated furniture – a genius idea and a very cool way of turning vintage into modern. These Mid Century Modern chairs would be quite the statement in a dining space or as bar seating. Available at Cast + Crew

Stone Textile_Marfa_Deco

Stone Textile_Marfa_ColorBlock

Even though we are talking color, I had to share this image of the black and white “Color Block House” I saw while walking around Marfa. A while back I saw something similar and that is what inspired me to create the Color Block Pillow which has become a Stone Textile classic.

Stone Textile_Marfa_Textures

Textures + Colors I saw along the way.

Other Favorite Marfa Spots:

Stay: El Cosmico, The Thunderbird, Hotel Paisano

Eat:  Cochinel (must make a reservation), Food Shark (lunch), Squeeze Marfa (breakfast), Food Shark Grilled Cheese, Maiya’s

Shop: Garza, Cast + Crew, Mirth, The Wrong Store, El Cosmico Shop

Do:  20 miles outside of Marfa is Prada Marfa, Experience the Donald Judd exhibits, Happy Hour at Hotel Paisano

All Images / Elizabeth Mollen


Fashion + Furniture / Eddie Borgo Jewels

photo 2-1.PNG

Eddie Borgo is a true talent.  I love his signature geometric and cool style.  I recently came across a few of his Instagram shots that I wanted to share because how how clever they were.  He photographed pieces from his new jewelry collection against interior images.  How great are these similarities?  The bracelet in image three blends in so well with that outdoor scene I almost thought it was a decorative fence!  It looks like he is into tassels this season…(for the closet + for the home!)

Eddie Borgo 3

Eddie Borgo 1

Eddie Borgo 4

Eddie Borgo 5

All Images / Eddie Borgo


Fashion + Furniture / The Oscars

photo 1.PNG

I had to share Domaine’s recent Oscar fashion feature for a many reasons.  One, they pretty much picked four of my favorite dresses from past red carpets.  Cate Blanchett in her lavender beaded Givenchy gown from a few years ago is an all time favorite.   Two, as a designer always inspired by current and vintage fashion trends I love how they went from red carpet to room (fashion for the home)  Three, our B+W Bamboo Stripe Throw Blanket was featured  (thank you Domaine!)  I loved Julia Roberts in classic Black and White from over a decade ago–colors and silhouette which will always be in style.  Looking forward to seeing what the red carpet has in store for us tonight…Happy Oscars!

photo 2.PNG

photo 4.PNG

photo 5.PNG

photo 3.PNG

All Images / Domaine Home


Interior Inspiration / The Ski House: Neutral + Modern


I fell in love with Aerin Lauder’s Aspen ski home when it was featured in Vogue last year.  From the minimalist decor to the textural details–this house screams relaxation.  The mountain views are stunning.  Since we are currently on a little ski getaway of our own I thought it would be fun to recreate Aerin’s gorgeous home with a few of my favorite neutral + modern pieces.


The Goods: Rug, Vintage Pillows, Table Lamp, Hide Chair, Stone Textile Modern Ikat Pillow (coming soon!), Hanging Chair, Side Table, Vintage Horns, Faux Fur Throw, Serving Tray, Paint Colors, Basket, Fire Wood Holder


Vintage Made Modern Tabletop / Chase + Scout

Stone Textile_Tabletop1

I recently learned about an Austin based company called Chase + Scout.  They collect vintage china and then screen print on top creating the perfect vintage meets modern look.  We are using their plates + tea cup/saucer sets at our SXSW Pop-Up Shop.   I love how their pieces mesh with our Diamond Print table linens.  We had a lot of fun putting this together yesterday.  Here are a few images from our set up…

SWSW POP UP SHOP Information: Tribe For The  Masses / 315 Congress (Congress and 3rd Street, the shop below the restaurant Swift’s Attic)

Stone Textile Tabletop 3

A few pieces from their website:



A sneak peek at the almost finished POP UP tabletop…

Stone Textile_Tabletop 4



Love This Space / The Vogue Cafe

Vogue Cafe 2

In honor of Paris Fashion Week starting tomorrow, I wanted to share this inspiring Persian cafe + lounge space with you.  The Vogue Cafe recently opened inside one of Paris’s large department stores.  The mix of high fashion + vintage furniture/accessories is fantastic.  I obviously love the geometric and metallic elements carried throughout the chic.

Vogue Cafe 3

Vogue Cafe 4

Vogue Cafe 5

Vogue Cafe 8

Vogue Cafe 1

Vogue Cafe 9

Vogue Cafe 7

All Images / Vogue