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Modern Holiday Gifting by Stone Textile

Stone Textile_Gifts 1

We have a ton of holiday parties coming up and this year I wanted to create a few modern gift boxes to bring as host/hostess gifts.  Above are the pieces I have collected for this “game night” themed gift box.  The Goods:  Personalized Playing Cards /  I saw these on Instagram a few weeks ago and ordered a bunch for the holiday season.  Such a great gift idea from Social Monograms.  Stone Textile Diamond Coaster Set / had to throw a set of these in there.  This coaster set has been our best seller this holiday season.  Vintage Domino Set /  I love the packaging more the the actual game — I know that most of you reading this post will understand that!  Bottle Of Wine / Ferrari Carano is one of my favorites and the packaging is also great.  A win win in my book.

Stone Textile_Gifts 5

Metallic spec tissue paper + thick black ribbon will help tie it all together.

Stone Textile_Gifts 4

The finished gift box.

Stone Textile_Gifts 3

photo 5


Color Block Benches / Before + After

photo 1-2

A few weeks ago I came across a pair of benches with great design lines—they needed some work!  I have been looking for a bench situation for the end of our bed for a while and I knew these would be perfect.  Even better?  The pair was $30!    After a trip to the upholsterer and some new black paint our color block benches are finished.  Before:

photo 1-4

After:  I chose a creamy gray velvet and a black velvet to use for upholstery.

photo 3

The line details on the legs won me over, very Art Deco.

photo 2


Getting Crafty / A Modern Holiday Wreath

Wreath 1

This week I was invited to a wreath making party (yes, that is a thing here in Texas…)  I was slightly skeptical as I have never actually made a wreath before.  After a few glasses of mulled wine, which our fabulous host made from scratch, I got really into it (as I do with most craft projects).  I stayed true to the Stone Textile aesthetic and created a B+W fabric wreath for our office.  It turned out to be a really fun little craft night!  The process is VERY easy….see steps below:

Stone Textile_holiday wreath

Steps: 1.  I used 1/2 a yard of left over fabric from an upholstery project.  2.  Cut a slit with fabric scissors and tear the fabric into strips (1 inch or 1/2 works, I did some of both) 3.  Tie the strips on to a Styrofoam circle (can be found at a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels)  4. To be festive,  I wrapped metallic cording around the finished wreath (detail shot below).

Wreath 2


Since this wreath is a little untraditional, I chose to hang it inside and not on the front door…Happy Holidays!



Happy Halloween / A few of our favorite Halloween Posts…

Vogue Mask

Vogue teamed up with some fashionable New Yorkers and top designers to create one of kind masks in honor of the holiday.  My favorite, above, was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.  See the rest here…

Eye Swoon_Pumpkin

Athena from one of my favorite blogs, Eye Swoon, killed it with these DIY pumpkins…Pumpkin chic is right!


I love how Domaine Home used the movie Beetlejuice as inspiration for this tabletop the mix of black and white patterns.


Refinery 29 did a feature on what your favorite Halloween candy says about you….


I couldn’t leave the Stone Textile inspired pumpkins out….if you missed it take a look at how we got crafty this Halloween!

Taking a break tomorrow…follow along on Instagram because we will be photographing two interior projects in Chicago this weekend.  Next week is the big re-launch week…very exciting!





Friends With Books…


Three years ago we moved to Austin from Los Angeles.  We did not know many people.  Starting Stone Textile has really opened a lot of doors in Austin and has helped me create new friendships with other designers that share the same interests as I do.  These new “designer friends” (as my husband would say) inspire me everyday.  Last week my friend Kelly LaPlante gave me a signed copy of her coffee table book, Ecologique.  I loved looking through it and learning about the sustainable spaces she created while living in Los Angeles.  Even though our paths did not cross when we both lived in LA, I am so glad they have now crossed in Austin…thank you Kelly!  Here are a few pages out of the book…




Speaking of friend’s with books….Amanda Brown of Spruce has come out with a upholstery how to guide.  We are so excited for Amanda and the Spruce team and look forward to celebrating with them at their launch party this Friday at Mockingbird Domestics.  Details below!


Spruce Book

Event details:  Friday 10/25  /  6-10pm  / Mockingbird Domestics 2151 South Lamar


Getting Crafty / Halloween Decor


I love Halloween and wanted some cool decor this year for the new studio.   So…I got a little crafty.  Using some leather scraps (felt can also be used), glue gun, gold paint pen, and of course some pumpkins I created a few Stone Textile inspired pieces.


Diamond-Pumpkin_2Diamond Print Pumpkin!  Great for the studio…


Fall centerpiece idea…Gold Can / Nannie Inez, Salt + Pepper Shakers / Jayson Home,  Stud Vase / Jonathan Adler, Black Stud Vase / Target, Tray / Vintage