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Birthday At Josephine House


This year was a big birthday year for me and I wanted to do something special.  Josephine House is one of my favorite restaurants in Austin and I knew it would be the perfect spot to celebrate my 30th birthday with family and friends.  Big thank you to Amy V. Cooper photography, Butterface Bakeshop, Rose Hip Flora, and Josephine House for making the event a night I will always remember.  Here are some favorites from the evening…

30th Birthday_Invite

The invites:  Marble paper, rose gold metallic letter press.  The marble paper was inspired by the venue’s gorgeous marble bar (image below).

30th Birthday invite

30th Birthday_Josephine House Bar

The bar at Josephine house.


30th Birthday_Flowers

Marble Pillows_Stone Textile

Stone Textile Bday



The outdoor patio set up.  Custom Stone Textile Pillows + flowers by Rose Hip Flora.  The pillows matched the marble paper from the invites and the Josephine House Bar.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting station.

30th Birthday Metallic Truffles

30th Birthday Geo Cakes

30th Birthday_Rose Gold Napkin

The cocktail napkins matched the invites and we thought using the Roman Numeral for “30″ would be a fun twist.

Birthday at JH_4

How great are these mini cakes by Butter Face Bakeshop?  I told my friend Rachel to keep the StoneTextile aesthetic in mind and she killed it.  I LOVE how they geometric cakes turned out!  They also taste as good as they look.




It was my photographer’s idea to use the Gold Edge Polaroid Film to give the party a retro feel–such a fun idea.


Thank you to all of my friends and family that celebrated with us!  XX Elizabeth

All photos / Amy V Cooper Photography


Dining + Design // Canlis No.2

A 2nd Course, Main Course, + A Dessert

Yesterday’s post featured a very cool restaurant in Seattle called Canlis.  Now for the dining portion.  This restaurant is known for their amazing food and very unique presentation.  How incredible are these photos?  Each one is a work of art.  It was so hard choosing from the 40+ on their site.

My favorites (from the 1st course to the dessert course) are above…

All Images


Dining + Design // Canlis No.1

I haven’t done a Dining + Design post in a while so here is a two-parter (it’s a good one).  When we were in Seattle last month we dined at one of the most amazing restaurants.  Canlis (recently featured on Top Chef Seattle)  is a family owned restaurant that has been around since the 1950′s.  The mid-centry Modern/Frank Lloyd Wright design aesthetic was very appealing to me and part of the reason why we chose to go.  The second part involves the food which we will get to tomorrow…

Details I love: from top..

Images 1/2:  The views of the city are spectacular and the overall vibe inside was very homey.  The resturant almost passes for a house…

Image 3:  The oversized door handle is a favorite!

Image 4:  I loved the geometrical cocktail tables in the bar area

Image 5:  The upstairs level contains a few private dining rooms.  We were shocked when they escorted us upstairs…turns out there was an opening and we were there at the right time. Guys FYI, great place for a proposal…

Check back tomorrow when I share the “dining” portion.  The images are beautiful…

All Images


Dining+Design….The Pump Room

When I was visiting my family, in Chicago, we went to The Pump Room for dinner. The Pump Room was the place where every movie star and politician went to “be seen”. They recently went through a massive remodel and were able to keep the old Hollywood vibe with some new modern touches (the amazing lighting!) . The lighting is a true work of art, something you must go see in person.     The perfect mix of old and new; my favorite…

 The food was also very good.  My favorite was the avocado and crab salad pictured below.

All images


Dining+Design…La Condesa

I am excited to share a new feature on The Blog called “Dining+Design”.  One of my favorite things to do is try new restaurants with friends.  I am always taking pictures of unique wall textures, cool plating techniques, and great branding ideas.  There is so much that goes into creating  an overall vibe of a restaurant; from the bar seating to the beverage serving trays and from finding the perfect lighting to figuring out the perfect way to display your food.  I love when restaurants really understand this process and get it right.

For my first “Dining+Design” resturant I decided to keep it local and feature a favorite Austin spot

 La Condesa.

Take a look at the amazing interiors and food below!