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Interview / The Austin Modern Homes Tour


*Post + Interview by Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Austin Modern Home Tour, a showcase of a dozen of Austin’s freshest contemporary spaces. I was also fortunate to get to interview this amazing east side abode’s owner, Royce Flournoy, who also presides over the company that built the home. It’s safe to say he was involved in every last detail of this gorgeous space, and we really enjoyed getting the inside scoop from him. Check it out below!

Stone Textile: First of all, what a kitchen! What led you to dedicate so much space to this room and to forgo upper cabinets?
Royce Flournoy: My partner is a professional baker as well as an avid home cook. Culinary arts are a big part of our life and we wanted a space that could handle all his experimentation as well as all the entertaining we like to do. One great feature is our dining table, which is an industrial mill table from the 1800’s, that we found in Chicago. The biggest feature of this piece is it can be raised and lowered so that when cooking or rolling dough it can be at counter height, but when we have a dinner it can be lowered to table height. We feel that drawer storage is the most practical and useful in a heavily used kitchen. Also, we wanted to have the space feel pretty open and upper cabinets can create an unnecessary weight to the space.
ST: You’ve got quite an impressive assortment of light fixtures. Do you have a favorite source or have you been collecting them for years?
RF: With the neutral pallet of the home, we thought it would be cool to have interesting light fixtures which added some character to the space. We have some favorite lighting providers, Rejuvenation and Lightology. There is one light fixture that you might consider a beginning of a budding collection.  The brass Chandelier in the entry was custom made by Tipler’s Lamp Shop and I gave it to my partner as a Christmas gift.
ST: The minimalist color palette is quite soothing. Was it difficult to zero in on the perfect white for all of the walls?
RF: Fortunately we had already fought that battle at our last home, so this was an easy selection. Our Architects helped us at our last home and gave us the direction to the white we used, so I suppose they had fought the battle before us.
ST: That’s an amazing bathtub, and I love the black exterior. What led you to go with this more traditional piece rather than a modern enclosed shower?
RF: The tub was actually salvaged from the house we removed to build the new house. We had it restored and re-finished to have the black outer and white interior. We liked the idea of keeping something from the past of the property. We also really like a hot bath in a great clawfoot tub.
ST: Your home seems wonderfully organized and uncluttered. Do you have any tips for those looking to create more minimalist spaces?
RF: Well, try to buy only things you need and only things of quality is a good starting place. Next, have a place for everything to go, that tends to keep the place organized.
All photos / Ryann Ford

Fashion For The Home

AP 1

Blogger extraordinaire Blair Eadie is known for her incredible fashion sense and her enviable ability to mix and match. Her look is a blend of classic and statement pieces, and we couldn’t help but notice that many of her ensembles perfectly coordinate with Stone Textile pillows. Great minds! Because of Elizabeth’s background in fashion, it’s no wonder that the fabrics and draping of her pillows are right in line with Blair’s fabulous wardrobe.

*Guest Post by Audrey Dyer

Outfits: 1, 2, 3  Stone Textile Pillows: Leather Stud, B+W Arrow, Bow Pillow

AP 2

Outfits: 1, 2, 3  Stone Textile Pillows:  The Three Part, Leather Criss Cross, Scale Print

AP 3

Outfits: 1, 2, 3, Stone Textile Pillows: The Color Block, Woven V, Square Layers


Love This Line / Rosetta Getty


When I lived in Los Angeles,  one of my first jobs out of college was working for the high end fashion line, Riser Goodwyn.  I learned a ton and would not have been able to do what I am doing now if it weren’t for my years spent working in LA.  Rosetta Getty, my old boss and friend, recently launched an amazing new collection under her new company name, Rosetta Getty.   I have always admired her talent.  She has always used  elegant fabrics in unique ways and her clothes are the perfect mix of comfort + cool.     Here are some favorites from her Spring 15 collection…







All Images /


Art Love / Andrea Pramuk


I was looking for art for a client last week and came across One Kings Lane’s new artist sale.  Andrea Pramuk’s ink prints were a favorite.  We even purchased the piece above and the piece below for the guest bedroom project.  They will look beautiful against the gray wall and over the blue velvet sofa.  Here are a few of my favorites…





All Images / Andrea Pramuk + One Kings Lane


Inspired By: Mary Katrantzou


I have loved Mary Katrantzou’s unique style since her debut in 2008 and I was so inspired by her recent Fall14 collection.  They way she incorporates out of the box textures and materials into her designs is pretty amazing.  As a designer, mixing unexpected textures and searching for  new materials  is also something I enjoy doing.  All  very inspiring.  Each dress is a true piece of art.  Some of the looks are made with vintage patches–girl scout chic?   I need to see this collection in person!  Here are a few of my favorite looks:






All images / Mary Katrantzou

In other news, our own Patchwork Pillow was featured on Domaine Home as their product of the day!  Details here:


The  Tie Dye Patchwork Pillow


Inspired By: Geometric Shapes + Celine S14


Oh Celine.   When I saw the image below, while reading / looking at pictures, in Elle Magazine I was so drawn to the shape of this bag.  I then took a look at the whole Celine Summer 2014 accessories collection and was blown away.  Here are a few favorites…






Below, are a few Stone Textile pillows that were inspired by some of the geometric shapes I saw hidden within the buildings in Hong Kong last year….The acrylic shape sconces are new by Apparatus Studio, how cool?

Stone Textile_Shapes


Fashion + Furniture: The Novis S14 Collection


After looking at a lot of the NYFW shows online….a few really stuck out.  The second collection by Novis NYC was one of them.  I loved how designer Jordana Warmflash chose to pair her whimsical vintage inspired fashions with the classic Eames chair during her S14 presentation.  Her collection was inspired by mid-century modern furniture + geometric architecture….something that I can really relate to!  I really love this fashion + furniture mix, here are a few favorite looks…






All Images / Novis 


Art Love / Jordan Carlyle


When shopping for art I tend to fall for more abstract pieces like the one above by Jordan Carlyle.  The New York based artist, who has actually been designing art for Crate and Barrel and CB2 for years, also has a gorgeous furniture and accessories line (more on that tomorrow…)  His bold and geometric designs really makes a statement and can add a lot to a modern space.  Here are a few pieces I am loving…




all images / Jordan Carlyle Fine Art


Dressing Your Home…

The following quote from the January issue of Elle Magazine really resinated with me.

“When you think about it, dressing your home isn’t too far off from dressing yourself.  The wisdom that works in your wardrobe applies here, too:  Invest in well-constructed, always-in-style staples-at home, that’s sofas, tables, beds, and art- and embellish with accessories that reveal your personal style….” Julie Vadnal for Elle Magazine

Exactly what I was thinking as I created Stone Textile…Now, take a look at how a few very stylish women have dressed their homes…





Tom Dixon.

Last week I went to visit my friend Emily in Houston.  When I walked into her house the first thing I saw was her new Tom Dixon Etch Pendant.  It looked amazing!  Tom Dixon is a London based artist known for his sculptural lighting and contemporary furniture.  I pretty much love every single piece in his collection.  Take look at some favorites below…

Top row 1,2,3,4,5

Bottom Row 1,2,3,4

Here are some interior shots of his work.  The lighting really makes such a statement.

all images via Pinterest (he is all over Pinterest…)


Designer Aesthetic…Tony Duquette

When I saw the feature on interior, costume, and jewelry designer Tony Duquette, in the new Lonny Magazine, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite designs with you.  As a designer, his work has always inspired me to step outside the box.  The New York Times named him “The Decorator of Fantasy” when he passed away  in 1999.  He was known for his lavish multi-layered global aesthetic and the pieces below are true representations of Duquette’s unique style.  Such amazing designs, it was very hard to pick ten favorites!

1.Pendant, 2.Pendant, 3. Necklace, 4.Ring, 5. Mirror, 6. Rug, 7. Broach, 8. Table, 9. Ring, 10. Cuff

The necklace (No.3) and the Cuff (No.10) are pieces from the new Coach/Duquette collaboration.  See more from the collection here.

A view inside Tony Duquette’s Beverly Hills Living Room via Vogue Living