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Get The Look / Teal


From turquoise to jade, saturated blue-greens have been catching our eye for some time as the perfect punch to liven up more neutral spaces. Teal is a compromising color, in a good way – part natural and part glamorous, part masculine and part feminine, part vibrant and part subdued. Here I’ve rounded up some favorite images to inspire a Springtime pick-me-up for your space. If you’re struggling to find an accent color to spice up your home, this may be just the one!

*Blog Post by Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile At Home


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Get The Look / Modern Planters

Modern Planters

*To go along with my outdoor project post from last week, I asked Audrey to pick out her favorite modern planter accessories for the yard….such great finds!

Spring has finally sprung here in Austin, and we’re already up to 80 degree afternoons. It’s amazing how the mood of the city lifts as the trees begin to bloom and paddlers dot our beloved Town Lake once again. In honor of the sun’s much celebrated return, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite planters that have a modern-eclectic Austin vibe. If your plants managed to survive the winter, treat them to an upgrade with one of these beauties. The black ones happen to go perfectly with my thumb!

*Blog post by Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile At Home


(from top left) 1, 2,3,4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Get The Look / Walk The Line

Post 9 - Wire pieces

Lately it seems like a contemporary, streamlined look is taking center stage in the design world. Maybe it’s the Marie Kondo effect – her recent bestseller on the Japanese art of decluttering has certainly inspired many to go for a simpler, cleaner aesthetic. These chic black and white spaces are perfect examples of clutter-free, minimalist living, and we’re loving their statement-making black accents. If you’re space needs a modern edge, try one of these inky pieces for a neutral addition that still packs a graphic punch.

*Post By Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile

Image 3

Image 1

Image 2


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Interior Inspiration / Powder Room Statement Wallpaper


Images: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

It’s no secret that a statement wallpaper looks amazing in a petite space, so today we’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples. Even minimalist, white-walled homes can benefit from a punchy paper, and the powder room is a perfect spot for such an impactful design element. With so many removable options out there, even renters can get in on the fun!

*Post by Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile Studio


The vintage wallpaper Elizabeth used in her Austin home.







Some current favorites:

Favorite Wallpapers



Fashion For The Home

AP 1

Blogger extraordinaire Blair Eadie is known for her incredible fashion sense and her enviable ability to mix and match. Her look is a blend of classic and statement pieces, and we couldn’t help but notice that many of her ensembles perfectly coordinate with Stone Textile pillows. Great minds! Because of Elizabeth’s background in fashion, it’s no wonder that the fabrics and draping of her pillows are right in line with Blair’s fabulous wardrobe.

*Guest Post by Audrey Dyer

Outfits: 1, 2, 3  Stone Textile Pillows: Leather Stud, B+W Arrow, Bow Pillow

AP 2

Outfits: 1, 2, 3  Stone Textile Pillows:  The Three Part, Leather Criss Cross, Scale Print

AP 3

Outfits: 1, 2, 3, Stone Textile Pillows: The Color Block, Woven V, Square Layers


Inside the Tribeza Interiors Tour

This past Saturday I was thrilled to be able to attend the annual Tribeza Interiors Tour, especially since Elizabeth’s gorgeous home was just featured in their latest issue. The tour comprised of eight amazing homes around Austin, all of which had a great mix of aspirational and accessible decor. Each space had a unique style, from glamorous to casual, and from modern to traditional. There were some unifying trends, however, and they were all gorgeous enough for any style of decorator to get behind.


Wall coverings are making a huge comeback right now. Gone are the days of tacky borders and bland stripes; this generation of wallpaper is chic as can be. From masculine charcoal grasscloth in an office to a rainbow of Penguin Classics in a powder room, each home showed its own unique spin on dressed up walls.


Beautifully patterned tile was the second standout trend this year, whether found on bathroom floors, stair risers, or kitchen backsplashes (just check out the incredible mirrored detail in the second photo). Each of these tiled spaces felt exotic, like I was suddenly transported to a fabulous Greek hotel. Couldn’t we all use that feeling when we go to brush our teeth in the morning?


Lastly, it comes as no surprise that vintage rugs were always underfoot. Traditional patterns in gorgeous colors made these rooms feel vibrant and timeless. If only every designer would reveal his or her sources!

 *Blog Post By Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile



Love This Line / Rosetta Getty


When I lived in Los Angeles,  one of my first jobs out of college was working for the high end fashion line, Riser Goodwyn.  I learned a ton and would not have been able to do what I am doing now if it weren’t for my years spent working in LA.  Rosetta Getty, my old boss and friend, recently launched an amazing new collection under her new company name, Rosetta Getty.   I have always admired her talent.  She has always used  elegant fabrics in unique ways and her clothes are the perfect mix of comfort + cool.     Here are some favorites from her Spring 15 collection…







All Images /


Throwing it back: Design Details / Then + Now

2 Lucite tables

I have a really special post for you today.  This weekend I made a last minute trip to Chicago to visit with family.  When I walked into my grandparent’s apartment, which was professionally decorated in 1978, I was surprised to see so many similarities to my own decorating style.  Their home is filled to the brim with lucite, brass, wallpaper, and geometric details.  Sound familiar?  No wonder why my husband always says that our dining room remind’s him of his grandparent’s old home.  I already instagramed the side by side image above.  On the left is our lucite dining table base and on the right is my grandparents’ (it has been confirmed that she did not purchase it on Ebay by the way) There were so many more similarities that I had to share…all of the “THEN” images are from my grandparents’ apartment and all of the “NOW” images are design details that are still trending today.  A true throwback on this Thursday…

THEN: Lucite Dining Table

NOW: Lucite Dining Table (image 1, image 2)



THEN: Floral Wallpaper


NOW: Floral Wallpaper / image 1, image 2


floral walls 2

THEN:  Brass detailed coffee table

Brass Table 3

NOW: Brass detailed coffee table (image 1, image 2)

Brass table 2

Brass Coffee Table

THEN:  Metallic Wallpaper

metallic walls 1

NOW: Metallic Wallpaper (used in my powder room)

Metallic walls 2

THEN: Geometric Bedding (original YSL pillow cases shown!)


NOW: Geometric Bedding (image)




Inspired By: Mary Katrantzou


I have loved Mary Katrantzou’s unique style since her debut in 2008 and I was so inspired by her recent Fall14 collection.  They way she incorporates out of the box textures and materials into her designs is pretty amazing.  As a designer, mixing unexpected textures and searching for  new materials  is also something I enjoy doing.  All  very inspiring.  Each dress is a true piece of art.  Some of the looks are made with vintage patches–girl scout chic?   I need to see this collection in person!  Here are a few of my favorite looks:






All images / Mary Katrantzou

In other news, our own Patchwork Pillow was featured on Domaine Home as their product of the day!  Details here:


The  Tie Dye Patchwork Pillow


Design Detail / Wallpaper: The Statement Wall


Today a few of my designer friends and I are going to listen to the creative director of the Cole & Son wallpaper line speak. Fun right?   We all agree that wallpaper makes the ultimate statement (even if it covers just a small space or accent wall).  Here are a few wallpaper moments that have caught my eye recently: Above:  Kristen Grove’s Dining Room: love the bold black and white pattern mixed with the vintage frames.


Wallpaper:  Cole & Son 


This subtle geometric pattern works very well in this hallway, it makes the NYC apartment feel larger.


I have never been that into florals but, I am really into this wallpaper by Ellie Cashman.  The details are to vibrant and the flowers jump off the wall.  I would love to use this in a nursery one day.


I love the texture of this snake skin print.


Kelly Wearstler’s Channel print has been a long time favorite.


More from Cole & Son….


Finally this amazing metallic print from Calico Wallpaper.  It is even better in person.