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Art Post No.6

Guest Post:  Emily is back with some more art to share…

Almost a decade ago, when he was still a graduate student in Chicago, I first encountered two photographs by Rashid Johnson. Since my fateful encounter with his portraits of Jonathan, Johnson’s practice has expanded well beyond photography. Combining wax, wood, shea butter and a plethora of additional materials, Johnson’s work explores an oftentimes autobiographical look at the black experience. In just the past year the artist has received a number of noteworthy nods, including a solo show with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago (currently on view), making the shortlist for the coveted Guggenheim Museum’s Hugo Boss Prize, being included in the Venice Biennale, among other pivotal accomplishments. All in all, Rashid Johnson is an artist to watch.


1.  Jonathan with Hands, 1998-1999, Van Dyke Brownprint, 38 3/16 x 49 ¾ inches

2. Installation view

3.  Crosshair Brand, 2011, Edition of 20, 1.5 x 15 x 25 inches

4.  Love in Outer Space, 2008

5.  Cosmic Slop “Black Orpheus,” 2011, Black soap, wax, 72 x 96 x 1 3/4 inches

6.  The Moment of Creation, 2011, Mirrored tile, black soap, wax, vinyl, CB radio, plant, books, oyster shells, shea butter, books, space rocks, ink jet photograph on glass, 72 x 132 x 11 3/4 inches

7.  The artist with his photograph

Visit the Gallery here

Learn more about Rashid Johnson here 


Art Post No.5

Emily is back with some more art to share…

Earlier this month New York hosted a menagerie of art fairs. Art lovers and those who are art curious flocked to see work by emerging, established and secondary market artists. I thought I would select a few featured artists, and share with you affordable versions of their art. Creating this post even inspired me to purchase Matthew Brandt’s photo edition!

1. Pae White  2. Kehinde Wiley   3. Yayoi Kusama  4. John Baldessari

  5. Matthew Brandt   6. Tony Oursler


Art Follow Up….

Guest Post: By Emily

Elizabeth’s post from  Monday caught my art eye, so I wanted to expand on it and add just a few more images. Delphine Krakoff and her husband’s home represent the perfect marriage of interior architecture, design, styling and ART! Together the Krakoff’s happen to have amassed a small, but extremely powerful, modern and contemporary art collection. Not only do they have pieces by art greats like Alexander Calder and Frank Stella, but also they own some of the most sought after works, from their most revered periods. Kudos to the Krakoff’s on their collection and kudos to Elizabeth for her eye! Check out the artist list below.

Thank you Emily!

All images via Harper’s Bazaar

Learn more about the artists here:

Adloph GottliebAlexander CalderJean Arp, Frank Stella,  Al Held,  Allan McCullom,  Morris Louis



Art Post No.4/By Emily

Emily is back with some more art to share….

I first became aware of Richard Tuttle’s work through a college roommate. She’d worked for an edition gallery in New York one summer, and spent nearly all of her summer earnings on one of his pieces. Tuttle’s works are incredibly reductive, minimal; they are generously about form, colors and the materials that he uses. He is one of the foremost post-minimal artists of our time, and has had exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among numerous additional museums both in the US and abroad.

1. Purple Octagonal, 1967, Dyed canvas / 2. Six Nails, 2005, Enamel on steel, 16 x 12 inches, Edition of 24 /  3. Dallas (9 pencil lines), 1970, Watercolor and graphite on paper, 10-13/16 x 8-5/16 inches / 4. Sum Confluence, 1964, Acrylic on plywood, 52.4 x 92.7 inches / 5. Source of Imagery, I, no. 100, 1996, Acrylic, collage and graphite on paper, artist’s frame, 18-3/4 x 18-3/4 x 1-3/4 inches / 6. Pressure and Pace, 1972, Graphite and watercolor on paper, 13 x 11 inches 


The Color Block


When I saw the ACNE resort 2012 collection last June, I was in the beginning stages of designing Collection No.1.  These images were the inspiration behind these very simple, yet sophisticated Color Block pillows.  They are set up like this in my office.

For more details on The Color Block Pillows click here.


Art Post No.3/By Emily

The Blanton Museum at the University of Texas in Austin currently features work by the Nigerian-based artist, El Anatsui.

His solo exhibition: ‘El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote You About Africa’ includes dense, tapestry-like works that are comprised of discarded bottle caps and various detritus– works he is perhaps best known for. As you can see below, the alluring shimmer and draping in these large-scale works transforms the most overlooked and mundane artifacts of our everyday.

Learn more about the artist here


Art Post No.2/By Emily

Emily is back with some great art to share…

This holiday season you can enhance your space- or a friends- with art, without breaking the budget! 20 x 200 is the visionary of Jen Bekman, who wanted to bring emerging contemporary artwork to a broad audience. Today, Bekman’s site boats over 600 works of art, offered in a number of sizes, from $20 – $2,000. In case you aren’t quite sure where to start, I’ve pictured a few of my favorites below…

From top:

1. Eadweard Muybridge, ‘Animal Locomotion; Plate 187, Dancing (Fancy),’ Archival pigment print, 11 x 14 inches : $50

2. Tom Kondrat, ‘abandoned beauty,’ Archival pigment print, 14 x 11 inches : $50

3. Michael Light, ‘Golden State Freeway/San Fernando Pass; from Los Angeles 02.12.04,’ Archival pigment print, 16 x 20 inches : $200

4. Landon Nordeman, ‘Four Kings (from the Almost Elvis series),’ Archival pigment print, 8 x 10 inches : $20

 5. Amy Stevens, ‘Confections (adorned) #14,’ Archival pigment print, 11 x 14 inches : $50

 6. Lacey Terrell, ‘offSET #29, New York,’ Archival pigment print, 16 x 20 inches : $200

see more on the 20×200 site.


Art Post No.1/Meet Emily



Today, my very good friend Emily will share some works by artist, Abigail Reynolds.

About Emily:

Emily Stein has worked in the for-profit art world for the past several years. Her experience with leading contemporary and modern galleries has afforded her the opportunity to see a vast range of visual art. She and her husband are young collectors in their own right, which means that Emily’s guest posts will offer sneak peeks into the art world, both from an attainable and collection minded standpoint. Emily and her husband live in Houston with their Cocker Spaniel, Charlie.

About Abigail:

Abigail Reynolds graduated from her MFA program at the prestigious Goldsmiths College only a decade ago.  Since then, exhibitions with Ambach & Rice gallery in California, and Seventeen Gallery in London, among others, have illuminated her intimate, geometric, sculptural assemblages of bookplates, atlases, guidebooks, and encyclopedias.

Take a look at Abigail’s website here