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Get The Look / Teal


From turquoise to jade, saturated blue-greens have been catching our eye for some time as the perfect punch to liven up more neutral spaces. Teal is a compromising color, in a good way – part natural and part glamorous, part masculine and part feminine, part vibrant and part subdued. Here I’ve rounded up some favorite images to inspire a Springtime pick-me-up for your space. If you’re struggling to find an accent color to spice up your home, this may be just the one!

*Blog Post by Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile At Home


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Get The Look / Modern Planters

Modern Planters

*To go along with my outdoor project post from last week, I asked Audrey to pick out her favorite modern planter accessories for the yard….such great finds!

Spring has finally sprung here in Austin, and we’re already up to 80 degree afternoons. It’s amazing how the mood of the city lifts as the trees begin to bloom and paddlers dot our beloved Town Lake once again. In honor of the sun’s much celebrated return, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite planters that have a modern-eclectic Austin vibe. If your plants managed to survive the winter, treat them to an upgrade with one of these beauties. The black ones happen to go perfectly with my thumb!

*Blog post by Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile At Home


(from top left) 1, 2,3,4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Modern Bungalow / Backyard Project


Well hello there!  I know it has been a while…baby Max is keeping me very busy over here.  I wanted to share my design ideas for a little outdoor project we have started to talk about for our house.  Let’s just say our yard needs a lot of work.  We haven’t really touched it since we moved in except for occasional lawn grooming. We will most likley start this project in the Fall (Summer is Austin is not a good time to plant anything!) but I have started to gather some ideas that I wanted to share.

The Goals:

Goal: Curb Appeal. Our house has a modern look similar to the photo above.  I would love a clean front lawn with minimal agave plants lining the fence.


Goal:  Outdoor seating + lounge area.  A place to hang out and read a book outside would be great.  We have a few chairs on our portch right now but I think an outdoor sofa situation would be great.


Goal: Outdoor dining area.  We love having friends over and always try and to take advantage of living in a warm climate.  Love the look of the photo above.


Goal:  Mixing materials. I like how these large concrete slabs look with the grass and black rocks.


Goal:  Modern play area for Max + friends.  How cool is this play house?!

All images / Outdoor Spaces Pin Board


Get The Look / Walk The Line

Post 9 - Wire pieces

Lately it seems like a contemporary, streamlined look is taking center stage in the design world. Maybe it’s the Marie Kondo effect – her recent bestseller on the Japanese art of decluttering has certainly inspired many to go for a simpler, cleaner aesthetic. These chic black and white spaces are perfect examples of clutter-free, minimalist living, and we’re loving their statement-making black accents. If you’re space needs a modern edge, try one of these inky pieces for a neutral addition that still packs a graphic punch.

*Post By Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile

Image 3

Image 1

Image 2


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Love This House / Jessica Alba’s Guest House


The guys at Consort Design did it again. Domaine Home featured Jessica Alba’s amazing  Los Angeles guest home yesterday.  I love the vibrant jewel tones mixed with bold black + white .   Speaking of B+W , we also were thrilled to see our best selling Striped Bamboo Throw featured in the living room!  This house is a must see…








All Images / Christopher Patey for Domaine Home


Interior Inspiration / Powder Room Statement Wallpaper


Images: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

It’s no secret that a statement wallpaper looks amazing in a petite space, so today we’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples. Even minimalist, white-walled homes can benefit from a punchy paper, and the powder room is a perfect spot for such an impactful design element. With so many removable options out there, even renters can get in on the fun!

*Post by Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile Studio


The vintage wallpaper Elizabeth used in her Austin home.







Some current favorites:

Favorite Wallpapers



Get The Look / Art Deco

Post 7 - Deco finds

Many of Stone Textile’s designs, from the pillows and accessories to interiors and even the logo, have a touch of Art Deco in them, so today I’ve rounded up some favorite finds in that style. Nearly one hundred years after rising to popularity, Art Deco’s glamorous geometric details are still popping up in today’s spaces and products. If your home (or arm!) is feeling a little lackluster, one of this glitzy, patterned pieces may be just the ticket.

*Post By Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile At Home


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Get The Look…

Post 3 - ORC Wallpaper

Here at Stone Textile, we are often smitten with statement-making wallpaper, and these days it seems like everyone else is too! With so many gorgeous (and often removable) options available, even renters can jump on the recently-revived wallpaper bandwagon. Lately I’ve been spotting products that remind me of the amazing accent wall from the One Room Challenge, covered with a black and gray abstract pattern from Lindsay Cowles. The wall’s print is a little hard to describe – is it tie-dyed? Marbleized? Geometric? It’s a beautiful Rorschach Test for sure! If you’re into it as much as we are, check out these great finds that share the same abstract, painterly look.


Our One Room Challenge Room (see more here)

*Blog post by Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile

The Goods:

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Interview / The Austin Modern Homes Tour


*Post + Interview by Audrey Dyer for Stone Textile

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Austin Modern Home Tour, a showcase of a dozen of Austin’s freshest contemporary spaces. I was also fortunate to get to interview this amazing east side abode’s owner, Royce Flournoy, who also presides over the company that built the home. It’s safe to say he was involved in every last detail of this gorgeous space, and we really enjoyed getting the inside scoop from him. Check it out below!

Stone Textile: First of all, what a kitchen! What led you to dedicate so much space to this room and to forgo upper cabinets?
Royce Flournoy: My partner is a professional baker as well as an avid home cook. Culinary arts are a big part of our life and we wanted a space that could handle all his experimentation as well as all the entertaining we like to do. One great feature is our dining table, which is an industrial mill table from the 1800’s, that we found in Chicago. The biggest feature of this piece is it can be raised and lowered so that when cooking or rolling dough it can be at counter height, but when we have a dinner it can be lowered to table height. We feel that drawer storage is the most practical and useful in a heavily used kitchen. Also, we wanted to have the space feel pretty open and upper cabinets can create an unnecessary weight to the space.
ST: You’ve got quite an impressive assortment of light fixtures. Do you have a favorite source or have you been collecting them for years?
RF: With the neutral pallet of the home, we thought it would be cool to have interesting light fixtures which added some character to the space. We have some favorite lighting providers, Rejuvenation and Lightology. There is one light fixture that you might consider a beginning of a budding collection.  The brass Chandelier in the entry was custom made by Tipler’s Lamp Shop and I gave it to my partner as a Christmas gift.
ST: The minimalist color palette is quite soothing. Was it difficult to zero in on the perfect white for all of the walls?
RF: Fortunately we had already fought that battle at our last home, so this was an easy selection. Our Architects helped us at our last home and gave us the direction to the white we used, so I suppose they had fought the battle before us.
ST: That’s an amazing bathtub, and I love the black exterior. What led you to go with this more traditional piece rather than a modern enclosed shower?
RF: The tub was actually salvaged from the house we removed to build the new house. We had it restored and re-finished to have the black outer and white interior. We liked the idea of keeping something from the past of the property. We also really like a hot bath in a great clawfoot tub.
ST: Your home seems wonderfully organized and uncluttered. Do you have any tips for those looking to create more minimalist spaces?
RF: Well, try to buy only things you need and only things of quality is a good starting place. Next, have a place for everything to go, that tends to keep the place organized.
All photos / Ryann Ford