Modern Holiday Gifting by Stone Textile

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We have a ton of holiday parties coming up and this year I wanted to create a few modern gift boxes to bring as host/hostess gifts.  Above are the pieces I have collected for this “game night” themed gift box.  The Goods:  Personalized Playing Cards /  I saw these on Instagram a few weeks ago and ordered a bunch for the holiday season.  Such a great gift idea from Social Monograms.  Stone Textile Diamond Coaster Set / had to throw a set of these in there.  This coaster set has been our best seller this holiday season.  Vintage Domino Set /  I love the packaging more the the actual game — I know that most of you reading this post will understand that!  Bottle Of Wine / Ferrari Carano is one of my favorites and the packaging is also great.  A win win in my book.

Stone Textile_Gifts 5

Metallic spec tissue paper + thick black ribbon will help tie it all together.

Stone Textile_Gifts 4

The finished gift box.

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