Throwing it back: Design Details / Then + Now

2 Lucite tables

I have a really special post for you today.  This weekend I made a last minute trip to Chicago to visit with family.  When I walked into my grandparent’s apartment, which was professionally decorated in 1978, I was surprised to see so many similarities to my own decorating style.  Their home is filled to the brim with lucite, brass, wallpaper, and geometric details.  Sound familiar?  No wonder why my husband always says that our dining room remind’s him of his grandparent’s old home.  I already instagramed the side by side image above.  On the left is our lucite dining table base and on the right is my grandparents’ (it has been confirmed that she did not purchase it on Ebay by the way) There were so many more similarities that I had to share…all of the “THEN” images are from my grandparents’ apartment and all of the “NOW” images are design details that are still trending today.  A true throwback on this Thursday…

THEN: Lucite Dining Table

NOW: Lucite Dining Table (image 1, image 2)



THEN: Floral Wallpaper


NOW: Floral Wallpaper / image 1, image 2


floral walls 2

THEN:  Brass detailed coffee table

Brass Table 3

NOW: Brass detailed coffee table (image 1, image 2)

Brass table 2

Brass Coffee Table

THEN:  Metallic Wallpaper

metallic walls 1

NOW: Metallic Wallpaper (used in my powder room)

Metallic walls 2

THEN: Geometric Bedding (original YSL pillow cases shown!)


NOW: Geometric Bedding (image)



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