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This week the Texas based shelter magazine, Bungalow, shared some images from our trip to Marfa.  I wanted to share a few more today.  It was such an amazing trip—highly recommended!

Adventures in Marfa:

As a designer, travel always inspires me. Since we live in such a large state, weekend road trips are now second nature. Last month, we drove out west to the small artist town of Marfa, TX. The drive was relatively easy and at times we felt like we were the only people on the road. If we compare west Texas to the classic color-wheel, it would fall in the orange/yellow/brown arena. Slightly dull and monochromatic. When we arrived in Marfa, it seemed as if the color wheel exploded. The dusty hues were quickly replaced by vibrant ones and the inspiration came flying at me. Below are a few of my favorite images from our adventures in Marfa.

Stone Textile_Marfa Tent

Stone Textile_Marfa_TP
El Cosmico was probably the most interesting places I have ever stayed. Each tent, air stream trailer, and teepee were decorated with different geometric textiles and colorful blankets — my kind of camping!

Stone Textile_Garza_3

Stone Textile_Marfa_Garza 2

Stone Textile_Marfa_Garza Chair

Garza Marfa is a husband and wife run furniture and accessory company. They source vintage textiles from near and far to create bold one of a kind pieces. This bed full of colorful pillows and blankets made me rethink my all white bedding.


Stone Textile_Marfa_Chairs

Neon powder coated furniture – a genius idea and a very cool way of turning vintage into modern. These Mid Century Modern chairs would be quite the statement in a dining space or as bar seating. Available at Cast + Crew

Stone Textile_Marfa_Deco

Stone Textile_Marfa_ColorBlock

Even though we are talking color, I had to share this image of the black and white “Color Block House” I saw while walking around Marfa. A while back I saw something similar and that is what inspired me to create the Color Block Pillow which has become a Stone Textile classic.

Stone Textile_Marfa_Textures

Textures + Colors I saw along the way.

Other Favorite Marfa Spots:

Stay: El Cosmico, The Thunderbird, Hotel Paisano

Eat:  Cochinel (must make a reservation), Food Shark (lunch), Squeeze Marfa (breakfast), Food Shark Grilled Cheese, Maiya’s

Shop: Garza, Cast + Crew, Mirth, The Wrong Store, El Cosmico Shop

Do:  20 miles outside of Marfa is Prada Marfa, Experience the Donald Judd exhibits, Happy Hour at Hotel Paisano

All Images / Elizabeth Mollen

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