Art Love / Donald Judd + A Quiz


On our trip to Marfa we visited the Chinati Foundationa modern museum that houses the works of artist, Donald Judd.  Judd is known for his minimalist sculptures and prints.  Here are a few that I love.  Make sure to scroll down below for a funny story about the last piece featured….





When I was working on this post, the Donald Judd piece above kept reminding me of the infamous IKEA Lack Shelves (I even have them in my house!)  My husband looked over and asked why I was blogging about our IKEA shelves….I laughed and was glad we were on the same page here.  It got me thinking.  I wonder if Donald Judd’s piece was the inspiration behind the LACK series?   I did some reaserch and found this interesting quiz called: “Donald Judd or Cheap Furniture?”  It is a ten question quiz and takes less then 5 minutes.  Let me know how you did in the comments….I got a 92%, not bad!


All Images / Donald Judd 

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