An Etagere Story…

Stone Textile_Brass Etaerge

BACKGROUND: Yesterday I posted the photo above on Instagram….I have been looking for a brass 1970′s Etagere for quite some time.  They are hard to find and are usually very pricey. There was a perfect space in the studio for one so I was on a mission.  In September, I was reading a post on Emily Henderson’s blog about Dallas Craigslist finds.  I actually think these posts of hers are genius.  I get it and appreciate how much she enjoys the hunt for unique (and most of the time–brassy) vintage finds.  I haven’t had much luck with the Austin Craigslist so I have always looked  at neighboring cities.  The story continues below…


FOUND: So, four months ago I see this post and knew that I had to act fast as I have never seen a brass Etagere priced at $200 (They usually range from $1200-$2000)  Thanks Emily!


PURCHASED: After purchasing it, we talked with the (very sweet) shop owner and she agreed to hold it for a few months.  I had a work trip planned, in Dallas, at the end of November so we would pick it up then…I also spoke with a ton of delivery services and they were quoting $300+ to pack and drive to Austin.  It killed me that shipping was more then the piece–so that was not going to work!

Brass Etaerge

ISSUES: The photo above is of my poor husband trying to fit this in our SUV.  After an hour of trying to make it work (on a feeder road of a major freeway) we had to give up and only take the glass and the smaller part that sits on the bottom (see below).  It was very sad and frustrating as it did not fit by like an inch.  Not a fun car ride home…

Stone Textile_Studio

STYLED: Flash forward to this past weekend (only 4.5 months after the purchase was made) we rented a larger car and finally were able to bring it home.  Was it worth it?  I say yes and he of course says no. I know it will grow on him.  I spent some time styling it yesterday and decided to go all neutral.   I love vintage pieces for the stories behind them and now this one definitely has a new story!

Stone Textile_Brass Etaerge


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