New Years Eve / The Barcart + Last Minute Styling Tips


A few weeks ago I was asked by the local Austin news to style a bar cart for New Years Eve (details soon).  The timing was perfect because I had just purchased a barcart / accent table from Society Social.  I love how the black onyx python material adds texture to my space.  Since the bar is in the dining room and we have an open floor plan, it was important to immerse it with our current design.


A few styling tips…


We made some Stone Textile Cocktail napkins for this shoot–will be available on the shop site soon!  Please email if interested:



An easy signature cocktail is a fun hands-on way to get your guests involved.  I chose a simple champagne cocktail:

  • Drop a small sugar cube into the bottom of your champagne glass
  • Pour champagne into glass (to avoid spillage tilt your glass when pouring)
  • Add 4 drops of bitters (I chose Peychauds red bitters to add a bit of color, Angostura also works)
  • Add raspberry on top for garnish.  EASY.


Something sweet always works well with champagne.  I asked my friend Rachel at Butterface Bakeshop to create some “Stone Textile” inspired sweets for this shoot and she killed it.  Color Block Meringues + Metallic Truffles.   How perfect are these?  They taste as good as they look!

Happy New Year!

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