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Megan Glasgow, of MEG Glasgow Designs, Austin based Interior Designer.
Moved by beautiful things and a desire to create, MEG Glasgow Designs
evolved with a desire to help individuals, with their personalities &
lifestyle, cultivate *their *space into a home. As my blog is currently
under repair, you are welcome to follow me on instagram, megglasgowdesigns.

The question is often asked of me, how to update a tired neutral living room
More times than not, it is simply by replacing or adding small accessory
items that are either colorful or patterned. Stone Textiles is a great
‘go-to’ for accomplishing just that.
What I immediately loved & appreciated about Stone Textiles is that their
patterns are classy and interesting. They create movement and curiosity
while not being overwhelming. They, in and of themselves, are patterned and
colorful, but still remain neutral enough to pair nicely with any color.
Mix and mingle two of Stone Textiles’ square pillow patterns on your
existing sofa. Throw a lumbar in the middle or on an already existing chair.
Replace your existing coffee table with a playful one. Add a pop of color
with a pouf (this one from Nannie Inez has stollen my heart), throw a
colorful painting on the wall and voilà. Done!

1. Sofa, 2. Woven V Pillow, 3. Signature Print Pillow, 4. Metallic Middle Pillow,  5. Coffee Table, 6. Pouf, 7. Art

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