Style My: Living Room / Naomi from Design Manifest

Hi all!  I’m Naomi from Design Manifest and I’m filling in while
Elizabeth is kicking back and taking her much needed vacation.  Like
most typical designers, my own home is always a work in progress.
I’ve done a bunch of work on my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, but my
living room is still pretty much a blank canvas.  I’d sure love to
fill it in with some of Stone Textile’s amazing pillows!  While I’ve
earned a wee bit of a reputation of being a color girl, I actually plan to
keep my living room more neutral.  I love how its so easy to mix chic
black and white patterns with Stone Textile.  I’m particularly fond of
the Signature Print and the Tuxedo Pillow.

Can you imagine how delicious they would look in my living room?
Need a little help imagining them on my sofa?  Here ya go!
If only all decorating was so easy ;)
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