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Hi all, I’m Alex from Alexandra
Kaehler Design
and Things
That Sparkle
. I am a little bit of a pillow fanatic (and hoarder if I’m
being honest). One of my all time favorite Stone Textile items is The Woven V
. It is so versatile and goes into almost any room… but if I
had to create my dream room around this little pillow, it would look
something like this
dye pillows
(I love the color and femininity that this brings to the
space) ::: sofa (the
lines on this are just too good) ::: coffee table
(this has an almost gem like shape and the wood brings in an organic
element) ::: side
(maybe my favorite ever created) ::: mirror
(the mint green color is just too perfect) ::: rug
(love that the shape mimics the pillows!)
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