On Mixing Textures…

Metallic-Middle-Pillow_StonAs a designer I am always looking for unique ways to use textiles.  I love mixing textures and experimenting with “hard” and “soft” elements.     This little play on words is even carried into our company name, Stone Textile.  Stone being the “hard” element while Textile is the “soft element.  The Metallic Middle Pillow, shown above, was one of my first designs and is a personal favorite.  The outside and back are a soft textured cotton while the middle overlay piece is a metal netting blend.  See how other designers have chosen to mix textures below…

Sequin-Top-2Top: Mixing / Sequins + Lace


The Stone Textile Color Block Pillow:  Mixing / Metallic Leather +Cotton

Leather-DressRag +Bone Dress: Mixing / Leather + Cotton


The Stone Textile Woven Middle Pillow:  Mixing / Textured Cotton + Metallic Woven Linen

Valentino Clutch:  Mixing / Mink+ Lizzard

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