Designer Aesthetic…Tony Duquette

When I saw the feature on interior, costume, and jewelry designer Tony Duquette, in the new Lonny Magazine, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite designs with you.  As a designer, his work has always inspired me to step outside the box.  The New York Times named him “The Decorator of Fantasy” when he passed away  in 1999.  He was known for his lavish multi-layered global aesthetic and the pieces below are true representations of Duquette’s unique style.  Such amazing designs, it was very hard to pick ten favorites!

1.Pendant, 2.Pendant, 3. Necklace, 4.Ring, 5. Mirror, 6. Rug, 7. Broach, 8. Table, 9. Ring, 10. Cuff

The necklace (No.3) and the Cuff (No.10) are pieces from the new Coach/Duquette collaboration.  See more from the collection here.

A view inside Tony Duquette’s Beverly Hills Living Room via Vogue Living

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